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Ron DeLegge’s Portfolio Report Card grading system gives you a snapshot of your current investments and tells you if your plan is on or off target.

No other portfolio service or software program anywhere gives you a complete and comprehensive view of your entire investment plan.

Ron DeLegge will analyze your portfolio in key areas and give you a written grade. (A is the best grade, F is the worst.) We will tell you if your investments are too risky, too costly, or not compatible with your goals. No complicated apps, no software programs, or data entry are required!

What will a Portfolio Report Card do for you?

Uncover unwanted and hidden fees and taxes

Locate risky stocks, funds, and strategies that threaten your financial well-being

Warn you of performance problems with your investment portfolio


Verify your investments are correctly positioned


What People Are Saying

With more than $125 million in portfolios graded, Ron has helped thousands of people just like you.

“Thanks a lot for taking the time and providing me a portfolio report card. I am thrilled to see I got an A. It also gives me peace of mind as a professional like you evaluated it.”

T.R. | Northern California

“My broker was charging me hidden fees of 2%, but no more.”

C.D. | Reno, NV

“The Portfolio Report Card changed my entire investment outlook from lost and dazed to informed and prepared. It’s been a big help.”

E.H. | Colorado Springs, CO

“My portfolio was a disaster until Ron’s Portfolio Report Card helped me to locate what was wrong and fix it.”

J.P. | Berkley, CA

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Due to overwhelming demand, Ron DeLegge is only grading investment portfolios with a minimum value of $100,000. If your account value is less than $100,000 and you still want to receive a Portfolio Report Card diagnosis, the one-time non-refundable fee is $350. Your investment account should have at least one-year of performance history to receive a grade.

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