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Get your investment portfolio graded for free - score an "a" and get 

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It's absolutely FREE.

Ron DeLegge’s Portfolio Report Card grading system gives you a snapshot of your current investments and tells you if your plan is on or off target.

WARNING: No other portfolio service or software program anywhere gives you a complete and comprehensive view of your entire investment plan.


unwanted hidden fees and taxes

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risky stocks, funds, and strategies that threaten your financial security and well-being

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Warn You

about performance problems with your investment portfolio

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your investments are correctly positioned

It's as simple as 1 - 2 - 3!


Request your Portfolio Report Card.

Fill out some basic information about yourself and tell us where to send your Portfolio Report Card. 



Submit your portfolio's data.

Once you've submitted your request, we will send you an email with a secure link to our Portfolio Report Card submission form. No complicated apps or software required!



Receive your grade.

Don't worry - you won't have to study and there won't be a test! Ron Delegge will analyze and grade your portfolio. Remember - if you score an A on your Portfolio Report Card, he'll send you $100! And of course, all information you share with me is absolutely confidential. 


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