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ETF Profit Strategy Newsletter

The ETF Profit Strategy Newsletter& Weekly Picks is our flagship offering. The newsletter includesdetailed analysis of the market, major trends and which long/short ETFs offer the best profit potential.Also included are new ETP issues and performance data for leaders/laggards. The newsletter is delivered monthly and ETF picks are delivered weekly.
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Ron Delegge’s Portfolio Report Card

What’s wrong with your investment portfolio? Ron DeLegge’s Portfolio Report Card will tell you. And if your portfolio is smart enough to score an “A,” you’ll get $100. It’s Ron’s way of rewarding well-built investment portfolios.
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Ron Delegge’s Portfolio Workshop

Register for Ron DeLegge’s very next upcoming Portfolio Workshop. After attending the 30-minute session, you’ll be ready to start grading investment portfolios. Millions of dollars in portfolios are waiting to be graded. Are you ready?
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