Our unique understanding of ETFs and the global marketplace has allowed us to correctly pinpoint major investment themes and opportunities that others have missed. This kind of knowledge helps our premium members to make informed and profitable decisions. 

Recent Trades Executed* (Sent via real-time text alert)

+9.4% timestamped gain in NUGT (exited 1/29/16)
+30% timestamped gain in VIXY (exited 1/22/16) 
+64% timestamped gain in TLT call options (exited 1/22/16)
-2.2% timestamped loss in XLP (exited 1/22/16)
-14.1% timestamped loss in HACK (exited 1/15/16)
-2% timestamped loss in EUO (exited 1/15/16)
+11.1% timestamped gain in NUGT (exited 1/7/16)
-2.4% timestamped loss in SPY (exited 1/4/16)
+8.4% timestamped gain in SVXY (exited 12/18/15)
+14% timestamped gain in VIXY (exited 12/11/15)
+2% timestamped gain in EUO (exited 12/3/15)
+19.5% timestamped gain in FXE puts (exited 12/3/15)
-25% timestamped loss in HEDJ calls (exited 12/3/15)
-5.3% timestamped loss in XLE (exited on 11/19/15)
+22.5% timestamped gain in VIX (exited 11/13/15)
-5.5% timestamped loss in TNA (exited 11/5/15)
+100%  timestamped gain in GLD calls (exited  10/30/15)
+100% timestamped gain in TNA (exited 10/30/15)
-4.5% timestamped loss in HEDJ (exited 10/29/15)
+15.6% timestamped gain in CURE (exited on 9/17/15)
+4% timestamped gain in QID (exited on 9/4/15) 
+57% timesamped gain in VGK puts (exited 9/1/15) 
+6.3% timestamped gain in SH (exited 9/1/15)
+29% timestamped gain in VIXY (exited 8/26/15)
+10% timestamped gain in PSQ (exited 8/24/15)
+94% timestamped gain in TNA (exited 7/24/15) 

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*past performance not a guarantee of future results


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A.R. | Canada

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